10 Life-Saving Strategies For Healthy Living

Life is beautiful. The body is sustained by what we eat. Balance and harmony is critical in keeping a healthy body up to the task.

Our daily plans must intentionally include smart strategies that can ward off diseases and infections.

The lifeline to defeat COVID-19 requires that we include certain lifestyle habits that will always keep the entire body system in a healthy state.

Here are 10 life-saving habits you should always practice:

1. Eat Calories in Moderations

Carbohydrates is the body’s principal source of deriving energy. A calorie is a unit of energy used in nutrition. Calories in food provides energy.

The calories in carbohydrates is not necessarily bad in itself. But you must always ensure that the energy intake from carbohydrates balances the energy used or expended.

2.Maintain a healthy Weight

Sometimes in trying to maintain or lose weight, we drastically reduce carbohydrates intake which can be life-threatening if prolonged.

Always practice portion control when eating carbs to avoid excesses. But don’t completely cut it out of your diet. Your body may-be lacking certain key nutrients in the long term

3. Choose Good Carbs

Some carbohydrate food sources like whole grains, legumes like beans, nuts, and seeds, fruits and vegetables are good. Always include a lot of these in your diet. They improve and can make you feel full for a long period

4.Limit intake of refined foods

Most refined foods especially some cereals have been stripped of bran. This is the fiber in most grains that helps with absorption and digestion. Most refined cereals like pasta and refined bread do not have bran. Refined sugar is another culprit. Limit intake as much as possible.

5.Combine Fruits and Vegetables

Because most fruits and vegetables have some fiber. It’s always advisable to include them into your breakfast meals every day. This will make you eat fewer carbohydrates as they can provide fullness in a healthy way. Remember moderation is key.

6.Drink a lot of Water:

Water is an important life-saving nutrient the body can’t do without. Drinking water frequently will ensure enhanced hydration. If drinking natural water is uneasy, try drinking water in forms of teas (caffeine-free teas like Daliha Teas). This will help you drink a lot of water without realizing it.
Drinking water cushions the spine, brain and other sensitive tissues.

7.Drink Teas

Practice drinking a lot of hot teas as well. It can help ward off many infections like coronavirus. Recent reports revealed that Chinese are drinking hot teas frequently to help prevent CoronaVirus infection. Studies show that the heat from hot teas help reduce the activity of the virus.


Regular exercise is a way to burn or expend the calories we eat to avoid unhealthy weight gain and other diseases.
Daily exercise helps improve blood circulation, mental health, and muscle strength.

9.Aerobic exercises

Aerobic exercises are good for cardiovascular health. They include; brisk walking, jogging, dancing, and cycling. A minimum of 30 minutes of daily exercise is usually advisable for effective results. For a good endurance during workouts, it’s advisable to drink fluids like water and teas that can enhance the burning of oxygen. Especially teas that contain iron helps in circulating oxygen to all cells. I recommend Daliha Tea. A very good source of iron for your workouts.

10.Practice Short Session Exercises

If you are unable to exercise in the morning before going to work, practice short walk sessions during break hours at lunch. Even if you work from home make time to exercise just like you will make time to eat. You may not be consistent in the beginning but it’s better than not doing it all. A little here and a little there will help you achieve your daily necessary goals just so you don’t feel guilty. Make exercising a lifestyle.

Healthy living is not a one-day decision. It requires a long term plan with daily commitments to meet your goals. Always listen to your body and adjust your plan to fit its daily demands. Life is beautiful, fight to get the best of it. Stay healthy and enjoy life.

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