3 Practical Food Safety Methods That Helps The Immune System

Our immune system’s ability to fight diseases and infections is based on several factors working together to ensure an optimum immunity function. There is one thing you should never forget if you want to build a strong lasting immune system. This is the quality of the food you eat and how it is processed.

The following methods can be very helpful:

Ensure that your hands are washed well with soap and water before and after you handle food. Wash the front and back of your hands as well as in between your fingers and under your nails very well. In cases where there is no water, use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer. This method ensures that germs, dirt, and grease in our hands which cannot easily be seen with the naked eye are washed away.

Rinse fruits and vegetables under running water at least two times before using them. If you want to eat fresh vegetables, you have to further use vinegar or salt solution to ensure any available bacteria is washed away. Eating cooked (under low heat) vegetables is always advisable. Always separate cleaned vegetables and fruits from raw foods.

Practice washing fish, meat and poultry under running water before cooking. Harmful bacteria will be killed through cooking. Cooking temperatures should be at least 55°C and above for a minimum of 20 minutes, especially for meats. Clean knives and other utensils completely before and after usage.

These practices can help prevent food contaminations and enhance immunity function.

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