4 Practical ways to boost your immune system against Coronavirus

Long period of stress can weaken the immune system. Stress is not necessarily a bad thing in itself. It is a physical response to fatigue. But when the body goes into a state of stress in inappropriate situations for long periods like intense emotions, lack of adequate sleep or rest, lack of periodic exercises etc., then it can become detrimental to our health.

👉SLEEP: Reducing stress by improving quality of sleep (at least 7 hours a day) helps the body cells to be relaxed, build antibodies to fight foreign antigens like coronavirus which attacks the immune system

👉DIGESTION: Reducing stress can improve digestion by causing an increased flow of blood and oxygen to the stomach. This increases nutrient absorption and eventually strengthens the immune system. Digestion can then be enhanced by drinking water (especially warm) frequently, drinking caffeine-free teas (like Daliha Teas), less sugary juices and eating fiber-rich foods (vegetables, fruits, nuts, etc)

👉BLOOD CIRCULATION: Reducing stress can improve the flow of blood cholesterol, prevent the clumping together of cholesterol particles and improve the circulation of blood. This helps the body’s ability to clear lipids (especially bad lipids) and supports the immune system build-up. This can be enhanced by eating foods that contain good and fewer fats like lean meat, avocado, and skimmed milk.

👉BODY EXERCISE: Reducing stress by regular body exercise, massages and meditations help to relax cells and muscles enabling them to function at their optimum best which can support immune system function.

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