Important Factors to Consider for Weight Loss

Written by Achiever Foods Nutrition Unit

Do you know weight loss has become a critical concern for most people around the world today? Truth is losing weight is not a bad desire, considering the myriad of diseases that are associated with it. If you are fortunate to find a healthier way to lose some pounds. Then Holla!

Interestingly some people are so eager to lose weight and they end up subscribing to all manner of diets. It is true that a diet targeted at weight loss is necessary for effective results. But its also true that in trying to stay on a diet, you may be losing on some key nutrients that can deprive you of a fuller health. A couple of people have suffered many deficiencies in trying to lose weight. This is because different diets have different goals depending on many factors including age, sex, current weight, other medical issues etc.

We want to share tips that can help you in your choice of a particular weight loss diet;

Iron Building Foods

Whether we like it or not without blood in the human body it can’t live. However the human blood is made up of many nutrients that nourishes it. Top on the list is iron. Iron is needed to make red blood cells. It is an element the body uses to make haemoglobin. Haemoglobin is a protein molecule which binds with oxygen to circulate oxygen in the body. This makes iron a necessary component for survival.

When it comes to iron nutrition, you need to start right. In the sense that you have to start eating right from the beginning of your day. This requires that you choose iron rich foods. Even though carbohydrate is the main source of energy for the body, iron helps in circulating oxygen to every part of the cells which also contributes in providing the body with energy.

Having energy to start your day can’t be compromised. Therefore, including iron rich foods into your weight loss meals helps in sustaining your energy for optimum productivity during the day. In addition to this, exercising is a very necessary habit for a effective results. Enough iron in your diet will help give you the energy you require, the endurance and stamina to enjoy your pre and post workouts sessions.

Avoiding this overtime may cause your body to be deprived of enough red blood cells which can cause anemia and even death in severe cases. Foods like lean meat, oats, eggs, beans, veggies like spinach, kale, cocoyam leaves (kontomire), whole breads (wheat bread or fortified breads) and organic iron rich products are good to include in your weight loss meal plan.

One thing you need to do is make sure you don’t over feed on them. Or better still you practice portion control by serving them in small portions alongside your main dishes. You can even use smaller plates to serve your meals. For veggies you want to add as much as you can to your meals. This is because they contain not only iron but vitamins and fibre which are all good for a weight loss plan. Make sure you talk with your dietician to know your specific needs so you can better plan a comprehensive weight loss meal schedule.

Special Persons

As established earlier different people want to lose weight with unique needs. Generally everyone need iron rich foods to keep an optimal blood level and general wellbeing. However there are some key people who due to their condition need more iron rich foods. A lack of it over a period can cause deficiencies. These category of people includes the following;

*Pregnant women (increase demand of iron for baby formation)

*Heavy bleeding women (due to excessive loss of blood)

*Infants and young kids (with poor iron diet)

*Menstruating women (due to monthly blood loss)

*People who have undergone surgery and have lost blood

*Frequent blood donors

*Malnourished individuals

*Athletes or Sports Person (due to increase demand of oxygen for energy and stamina)

These people especially should always seek medical advise embarking on a weight loss diet. This is because these people are prone to iron deficiency when they do not feed well.

If you find yourself in this categories, you can’t afford to exclude iron foods from your diet. In some cases if your iron need is critical your doctor may advise that you be put on iron medications.

Bottom Line

This knowledge clearly tells us how we need to feed on iron foods irrespective of what kind of diet we are on. Unless your doctor or dietitian has advised you due to a specific situation. Any weight loss meal plan that excludes iron rich foods can be detrimental to your health. A balanced diet is important even when you want to lose weight.

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