Daliha Testimonial -#4

This testimony has really touched our hearts as a business. We really want to share with you how Daliha products have been of great support to one of our customers. Please meet Emiberth, C.E.O of Kawa Moka as she shares her testimonial about Daliha Teas;

C.E.O of Kawa Moka serving a client

“My name is Emiberth. Thank you for creating your awesome product. The last two weeks were extremely hard for me … headaches, dizziness, extreme slowness. I finally dragged myself to the hospital and discovered I had low blood count and low iron.

I have been living on your fantastic turkey berry tea and kontonmire since last week and I was feeling so much better that I could climb Aflabo falls (in the Volta Region) over the weekend.

Emiberth (2nd lady from the right) after her blood level was restored, in a meeting with her team

The tea made the turkey berry so accessible. I didn’t have to worry about plucking, grinding, storing… I just carried the tea pack. I had it iced, hot, cold.. It’s super. You couldn’t even tell I wasn’t 100%. Thanks for helping me show up and be present at our event”.

This is one of the impactful testimonials from clients who have used our products.

Do you experience any of the above symptoms (headaches, dizziness, extreme slowness) she mentioned? Have you gone for a medical check on your iron levels? Have you realized you don’t feed well? Do you sincerely want to live strong and healthy with organic foods?

We have a good news for you. Our Daliha Products are nutritious and tasty and good for the whole family. Including them into your meal plans will go a long way to keep you healthy and strong.


You don’t have to be necessarily sick before you need our products. You and your family need to stay healthy and strong. Don’t wait till things are out of hand before you start looking for answers. Healthy Living starts with Daliha.

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