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Written by Achiever Foods Nutrition Unit

Making Choices everyday concerning healthy eating requires more than just a wish. One secret of many people who have lived long in the past has been as a result of healthy food choices they made. These days it’s sad to know that very young people die of diseases which could have been prevented by choosing a healthy lifestyle.

The influx of many sophisticated foods on the market has forced many to eat out of pleasure instead of a sincere desire to stay healthy and strong.

Eating organic foods should be your number one choice in making healthy choices for you and your family. At Achiever Foods we are committed to ensure you achieve health in an organic way.

Here are some reasons why you need to choose organic foods;

  1. Free from Harmful Chemicals

Organic foods are usually rich in nutrient because they are cultivated on soils that have not been fertilized with chemicals. Inorganic crops get their nutrients from artificial fertilizers made from fossil fuels and other compounds. When this is done for long, the crops are depleted of their nutrients. This can be harmful when consumed in large quantities over a long period. On the other hand, organic foods get their nutrients right from a healthy rich soil which makes the crops high in nutrients for the body.

Few years ago, a review was conducted to compare organic and conventional foods. The study verified that five servings of organically grown vegetables (such as lettuce, spinach, carrots, potatoes, and cabbage) provide an adequate allowance of vitamin C, whereas the same number of servings of conventionally grown vegetables do not.

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  1. Rich In Micro nutrients

Micro-nutrients are nutrients that are very essential for many body functions. Because the body cant produce them, it has to fully depend on the foods we eat. Unfortunately due to to the unrefined nature of many foods on the market, getting these micro-nutrients become very difficult. However when you choose to eat organic foods, you are assured of getting enough of these nutrients like Iron and Vitamin C.

Research has revealed that on the average, organically grown foods provide: 21.1% more iron; 27% more vitamin C; 29.3% more magnesium; 13.6% more phosphorus as compared to inorganic or conventional foods. These nutrients are very good for building a strong immune system. In this era of COVID-19 if you want to stay healthy then you have to choose to eat more organic foods and not refined foods like pasta, white bread, white flour etc.

  1. Tasty and Flavorful

Everyone enjoys delicious or tasty meals. This is the very reason why most people may want to choose one food over another. However, the truth is; taste should not always be the leading factor in guiding us to make healthy food choices. There is a popular saying that ‘Bitter is Better’. This is not to say that we shouldn’t crave for tasty foods. But truth is that most refined foods or inorganic foods are the one that give us many diseases.

But all the same organic foods are not bitter like it has always been viewed. They taste better and more natural with unique aromas that makes food very delightful.

A perfect mix of different variety of organic foods can bring out the best flavor and taste. The wonderful thing is how taste buds have a wonderful way of adjusting to taste in foods. You will find out that foods that tasted ‘bitter’ when eaten the first time becomes sweeter and tasty after several trials. Natural taste is always in organic foods.

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  1. No Preserves

Organic processed food usually do not have artificial flavors, colours or additives in them. Even if there is a need to add some, very little and regulated amounts are allowed. These amount are usually not bad to health. On the other side, conventional foods have a lot of chemicals, preserves, artificial colours added to them which makes them very hazardous to health. Unfortunately, because these chemically processed foods are relatively cheaper and highly common, they are usually patronized by many people.

When eaten for long period they lead to diseases like diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure etc. At the end of the day, more money will be spent in treating these diseases and in some cases it can even become a lifelong battle for living or lead to death. To avoid very expensive medical bills, rather invest in a moderately costly way of eating organic foods.

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  1. Protects Ecosystems

Planting organic foods helps protect our environment. It supports eco-sustenance, or farming in harmony with nature. The soil and farmland are healthy.

The extinction in Wildlife, and other animals is also avoided. Organic farming releases fewer greenhouse emissions and enhances biodiversity.

The pleasure we enjoy from our natural ecosystem like gardens and organic backyard farms is good for recreation. You will notice that you can still enjoy having a relaxed moment in a very natural beautiful environment any day anywhere.

At Achiever Foods we believe that organic is the future. Eating organic foods has many good implications in the long term. Let’s go for natural. Make it a point to reduce refined foods in your diet to the minimum.

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