Eat Right To Fight COVID-19

Written by Achiever Foods Nutrition Unit

For you to have a good health, it starts with selective decisions for healthy living. Do you know that the choices you make everyday about your health is a true reflection of the priorities you set for healthy living?.

While no foods or dietary supplements can prevent or cure COVID-19 infection, healthy diets are important for supporting immune systems. Good nutrition can also reduce the likelihood of developing other health problems, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes and some types of cancer… says (WHO).

Paying particular attention to what we eat can affect how our body reacts to infections and most especially its ability to quickly fight infections.

Well, no one sets out wanting to be sick. But interestingly the state of our bodies also has a linking factor to how well we make healthy choices everyday. Maybe you might missed it in one way or the other but there are always enough chances to change things.

COVID-19 has no cure from the experts. But it obviously has dietary habits as a major factor in becoming a victim or a victor in its effects.

We want to share with you some key lifestyles that can help you enable your body fight infections so you becomes less prone to the virus or avoid being attacked by diseases such as diabetes, hypertension, anaemia etc.

  1. Limit Salt

Salt can be used for many purposes. For healing, preservation, cooking etc. But in as much as salt is a good servant it can be a bad master to our health if its not used moderately. Just like how adding too much of salt in food can make it become unpleasant, that is how your health can become unpleasant when you consume too much salt.

Studies show that most people consume over 3 times the recommended amount of salt everyday. The recommended intake of salt a day is equivalent to a teaspoon (about 5 grams).

This means that adding salt to our foods should be used sparingly. If you have to use it in salads or veggies it should be less than a pint.

One way to be sure you are limiting your intake of salt is to reduce adding canned fishes, sauces like soy sauce and other condiments to your meals. This is because most of these processed products have more salt in them which may result in excess salt per serving in your diet. Most veggies have taste really good without adding additional refined salt. You may want to include different vegetables in salad without sprinkling salt over them and you can still enjoy your meals.

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Eating salt in excess raises the sodium in your blood stream reducing the kidneys ability to remove water. The extra salty water stored in your body raises your blood pressure as this puts a strain on your blood vessels and their balance.

Eating too much salt poses a risk of developing high blood pressure which makes one prone to many diseases including the coronavirus disease. You can include organic Daliha Spices to your salads to make them tasty without introducing extra salt into your diet.

  1. Eat Whole Foods

Completely cutting out refined foods in your diet may be a daunting task. This is because the market is flooded with more refined foods than whole foods. But ensuring that you become intentional by adding more unrefined foods into your meal plans can be very beneficial.

Most refined foods have preservatives, additives and have been stripped off the bran. But whole and organic foods have most micro nutrients in them that is very good for health. When you choose to eat organic foods, you are assured of getting enough of these nutrients like Fibre, Iron, Vitamin E, and Vitamin C. These nutrients are very good for building a strong immune system.

A mix of wholefoods like wheat, maize, rice, legumes like beans, lentils, unsalted nuts and veggies, fruits. Including oats and brown rice can also provide you with very rich sources of nutrients which promotes good health and a healthy immune system. Make variety a goal in enjoying organic foods.

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  1. Hydrate

Drink water more frequently. Enjoy including teas as way of hydrating your body. We have a variety of organic healthy Daliha Turkey Berry and Berry Ginger Teas.

  1. Exercise

Exercise is one way to be physically active. The body gains when we exercise.

Research has revealed that women burn about 5-10% fewer calories than men at rest (during breathing and heart pumping of blood). Hence its easier for men to lose weight quickly as compared to women using a diet equal in calories.

You lose weight daily by burning the calories you consume through increased activity like exercising (jogging, swimming, brisk walking, etc). Having energy to exercise is as important as the energy that will be used. Daliha Slim Teas contain Iron and other essential organic constituents which helps in distributing oxygen to cells for a sustained energy during exercise.


Exercise is good for heart health. This can help you prevent heart pressure and make you less prone to the coronavirus. When your heart is healthy, your body benefits from a good flow of blood to every cell which enhances your energy levels. The best time to exercise is in the mornings. It helps you become energized and fueled for the day.

To stay motivated you can choose to go on a walk with a partner.

  1. Limit Sugar

Sugar in your diet is not necessarily bad because its found in the form of glucose in many foods we eat like yams, pasta potatoes, rice, fruits, veggies etc. However it is important to note that sugar is found in many packaged foods on the shelves. They are usually free sugars in forms of maltose, lactose, dextrose, etc. Consuming these foods or sugary drinks can cunningly increase your blood sugar over time.

Added sugars are refined and they pose many health risk if you don’t limit their intake. Food labels help us to identify these type of sugars if they are present. Added or free sugars in refined foods can spike your sugar levels if not taken in moderation.

It is recommended that men should consume not more than about 9 teaspoons of added sugar daily. Whereas women should consume no more than 6 teaspoons of added sugar per day (American Heart Association).

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Too much sugar in your diet poses a risk of diabetes which can make one prone to the coronavirus. If you don’t want to be lured into eating too much sugar always include fibre rich foods into your diet. They make you full and you are not likely to crave for sugary foods. Our
Daliha Turkey Berry Cinnamon mixed with other healthy herbs helps in preventing high blood sugar as well as sugar spikes after meals.

  1. Good Fats

Unsaturated fats are good for the body. They help in the absorption of some vitamins, support heart health etc. They are usually found in salmon, almonds, hazel nuts, avocados, sardines etc. These foods help you stay full for a long time.

However bad fats like saturated fats and trans fats like hydrogenated oils which is usually found in most processed foods can contribute to weight gain. One trick is to reduce intake of pastries, fried foods etc and always read food labels before you consume them. Use healthy oils like canola oil, olive oil, vegetable oil.

  1. Hygiene

Generally good hygiene practices enable you keep a clean environment around you. Personal, kitchen and house hygiene all help to reduce the influx of bacteria, fungi and other harmful microbes.

Cook foods completely, make sure your kitchen tools are always neat and keep a clean home.

Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask when you live home and practice social distancing. All these protocols are very necessary practices especially in these times to prevent COVID-19.


COVID-19 is destroying many lives. But you can protect yourself and family when you make drastic diet changes to stay healthy always. A strong immune system is a good fight against infections including coronavirus.

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