Healthy Ways To Maximize Productivity

How efficient you are in producing results for the goals you set everyday is very essential.

The state of your brain, mood and focus are important in achieving optimum productivity everyday.

It will interest you to know that the kind of foods you eat can either bring out the best in you or suppress the productive aspect of you.

Whether you are working from home or out of home, your brain, focus and mood need a good experience.

Enjoy the best of everyday and stay happy with healthy living

Some few practices that can help make you more productive…

  1. Eat Eggs

There are so many myths about eating eggs. But the truth always lies in how you prepare it before you eat. This is because eggs contain a B-Vitamin called Choline which helps in stimulating brain reactive sensors and thereby increasing memory function.

If you have to include it in your breakfast which is a very common practice. Always try to eat it boiled. But if you have to fry it occasionally then use little oil (vegetable oil,olive oil, coconut oil).

  1. Unsaturated fats

Fats are good for the brain. But bad fats like trans fats can cause damage to the brain by blocking flow of blood. Some foods like eggs contain some saturated fats that in itself is good for the body. But frying eggs may introduce more saturated fats which can be unhealthy. So limit frying as much as possible. Omega 3 fatty acids is a good source of unsaturated fats. Salmon contains this fats. Some food labels indicate the type of fat content so look out for it when purchasing foods like canned fishes.

  1. Eat Flavone Rich foods

Foods that are rich in flavonoids enhance cognitive ability and curbs cravings. Research has revealed that flavonoids help to fight inflammations hence enable the brain cells to work at their optimum best.

Many berries rich in flavones like turkey berries (look out for our turkey berry products) strawberries and blue berries helps achieve this goal

  1. Eat lots of veggies

Most of the herbs and plants we see around is not to beautify our environment necessarily. It’s basically for us to consume. But usually because we don’t know their health benefits we can actually overlook the goldmine and be searching for the refined gold. Including vegetables into our meals can prevent brain decline and ensure the brain is always working.

Veggies like spinach, broccoli, carrots can work greatly for you.

  1. Eat Fibre rich fruits

One of the ways you can have sustained energy for the day is to incorporate healthy snacks into your meal plan. For instance having a fruit salad for breakfast or prelunch is not a bad idea. Including fruits like banana is a good source of energy for the brain. Melons would also help in hydrating the brain and mood control. Fruits juices that have been sweetened with organic sweeteners like Daliha Juice can also help.

  1. Practice hydration

Drinking water can be uncomfortable sometimes especially if you don’t have plans of visiting the washroom any soon. But all the same every moment you do visit the washroom you are releasing bad chemicals out of the body. So you may have to choose between the two. But always hydrate with more water at least 8 glasses. Water helps in lubrication of brain vessels, helps the brain to focus and enhance mood control.

  1. Teas

Drinking tea is a lifestyle in many cultures especially among the Chinese. Research has revealed that drinking a cup of tea every day can help ward off a lot of diseases.

But is not just any tea.
For instance, Daliha Teas have some blends that help with memory function. They are rich in iron which helps in supplying oxygen to the brain to enhance its an optimum function. When the blood has enough iron it can also help with brain focus and mood control.

  1. Whole foods

Complex carbohydrate foods makes you feel fuller and enhances long term burning of fuel for the brain. Most of them contain fibre and B-vitamins that boost blood flow to the brain thereby enhancing focus and sustained energy.

They are foods that usually have a low glycemic index as compared to sugar thereby enhancing slow release of energy. Foods like beans, nuts, whole breads(wheat) can help.

Becoming productive everyday has more rewards and profits. What you eat everyday should always have a planned and intentional approach for complete productivity.

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