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One day, a lady called our office line and began to share with us her desire to have a child but she has been diagnosed of anaemia. One of the advises the Doctor gave was to restore her iron levels because it was a critical need to facilitate her conception. Listening to her, she needed to build her iron stores by adding iron foods to the other iron supplementations recommended by her Doctor for a quicker recovery. When she included our Daliha iron rich foods to her meals, her situation got better and she kept using the products throughout her pregnancy until she delivered without complications. Today, we want to share certain key factors to consider when preparing for pregnancy

In our setting, we hear a lot of concepts as to how preconception and pregnancy should be handled. What is safe and what is not, during pregnancy, is relative and everyone seems to have their own views, which may not be medically true. Pregnancy is experienced differently in individuals, usually, no two pregnancies are the same, even in the same individual. So it is best to plan and seek professional medical counsel when you want to start this journey.

Preconception health is very important, when an individual or a couple plan to have a baby. Though some pregnancies are not planned. The overall health of the mother is important before, during, and after childbearing.

Health care differs from person to person, in that, we all have unique needs. Based on the health needs of a person, health care professionals would suggest ways to keep healthy, when expecting and preparing for pregnancy.

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Every woman should endeavor to live a healthy life. In preconception health, a conscious effort is made to choose healthy habits and live well. It also includes feeling good about your life as an individual, and taking steps (plan) to achieve good health. Men are not left out, they usually play the role of providing healthy support and encouragement to their partners.

As mentioned earlier, planning is very essential in preconception. Organise your thoughts and have a goal for pregnancy, it would guide your steps safely to conception and through the period of pregnancy. Some areas to look at when planning include:

Medical History ( Health History)

Notify your doctor if you have any medical condition, this should be properly managed or controlled, so it does not interfere with future pregnancy. For instance, sexually transmitted diseases and chronic illnesses like Diabetes and Hypertension can lead to complications in future pregnancy, if they are not properly controlled or managed. If there’s a need to take vaccines to stay healthy, do so before pregnancy sets in.

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Every individual has a peculiar way of life that is preferred to them. Depending on our environment and backgrounds, there may be certain lifestyles which need to be checked, should one be expecting pregnancy. For instance, smoking, excessive drinking of alcohol and the use of certain drugs may not be healthy for a future mother and her baby. These could lead to birth defects. Also, stressful living, hazardous working environment (toxic substances such as chemicals and metals) and abusive environments should not be encouraged when you are expecting pregnancy. If possible, get away from violence areas.


What you eat as an individual plays a vital role in the state of your health. The ultimate goal is to be healthy all the time as you age. Ensuring that your diet is balanced is a good step to take. You can take dietary supplements but they should never be optional to food. If you can afford, eat more of whole foods, vegetables and organic foods like Daliha Foods than processed, canned or bottled foods as your main meals.

Folate is a B-vitamin, it is naturally present in many foods and is needed by the body to make DNA and other genetic material. It is also needed for cell division. A form of folate, called folic acid is added to some processed foods, check the food labels to see- (Office of Dietary Supplements Health Professional Fact Sheet on Folate).

Folate is naturally present in many foods. You can get required amounts by eating a variety of foods, including the following: Beef liver, Vegetables (especially dark green leafy vegetables such as Nkontomire, Ayoyo, bitter leaf, spinach, mustard greens, asparagus and brussels sprouts).

Fruits and fruit juices (especially oranges and orange juice), nuts, beans, and peas (such as peanuts, black-eyed peas, and kidney beans). Also, drink enough water everyday to keep yourself hydrated and for other benefits of water.

Boost your immunity by eating healthy diets and resting when you should.

Family Planning

Quit taking birth control measures, if you want to conceive. As to when you want to get pregnant, plan to quit taking birth control pills at least about a month or two before then. It should be part of your plan.

Learn how conception works by talk to your doctor if you need understanding concerning the process.
Plan for conception period and future motherhood or parenthood financially as well, this involves making a budget for now and the future when the baby arrives.


Folic acid is recommended for every woman everyday, as it helps in the keeping of new body cells healthy. Day in day out, new cells are produced by the body. It also plays a vital role in preventing defects in future baby’s brains and spine. Folic acid formulations can be taken but confirm with your doctor for the required dosage for you. Usually, between (400 – 800) micrograms per day or otherwise specified by your doctor would be recommended.

Over-the-counter medications, dietary or herbal supplements should be discussed with your doctor when you are expecting future pregnancy.

Also, check up for vaccinations that would keep you and your future baby protected.

Some medicines may not be safe during pregnancy, hence the need to inform your doctor of your medications- (Moos, Merry-K, et al. Healthier women).

Healthy Mind

Your mental state is also an aspect to consider. How you see life, what you dominantly feel and think of, the thoughts that inform your behavior and attitude. A glad heart makes a healthy body, but a crushed spirit drain’s one’s strength. If feelings of worry, anxiety, sadness, are difficult to deal with and interfere with your day often, see your doctor and get some help. Think positively and value your life.

Healthy Weight

Keeping a healthy weight involves eating healthy and exercising regularly to keep yourself active. Being overweight or underweight increases your risk for health problems. The best thing, is to know your body mass index (BMI), this would serve as a guide to you and help you keep check of your weight. There are ways to keep a healthy weight, that would be suggested to you by your doctor if you are overweight or underweight. Just take a step and get professional help.

In conclusion, a healthy preconception life is highly possible, contact the right persons. What is most important is that, you stay healthy as you gracefully age.


Family is important to God. It is the bedrock of the society. Every child is a gift from God; a blessing to have. There’s a lot to consider when you want to conceive and add a future baby to your family. With adequate preparation, a healthy conception period can be obtained. You can become pregnant and successfully have your baby without any complications.

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