5 Simple Ways To Reduce Sugar Intake In Your Diet

 We all like it when gold is processed into attractive jewels. Unfortunately, when sugar is processed we need to be careful how we get attracted to it and how much of it we consume. For some people refined sugar can be as addictive as drugs or alcohol.

‘Addiction to sugar produces cravings and a “tolerance” level, meaning more and more of it must be consumed to satisfy those cravings’ says one Alexandra Rowles, RD.

Weight gain, Obesity, Cancer, Diabetes or pre-diabetes have all been linked with high sugar levels in the blood. Here are some ways to reduce sugar or avoid excess sugar in your blood.

1. Read Food Labels

Adding sugar into meals is a habit that you can easily identify and figure out how to reduce your sugar intake. But many times, you can be taking sugar on the blind side without knowing it. These are usually found in packaged foods.

One way to identify the sugar in a processed food product is to look on the nutrition table. Its written as ‘sugar or added sugar’. Taking the full pack of that product if it’s a biscuit means you have consumed that quantity of sugar displayed on the label. These and many are the cunning ways you can be taking a lot of sugar from processed foods without knowing it.

Another area to check on a food label is the ingredients section. Mostly ingredients are written in order of the highest quantity present in the food product.

If the food product has sugar first on the list or even second or third it tells you that you will be consuming a lot of sugar per that product. Most food companies use other names and forms of refined sugar like high Fructose corn syrup, Maltose, Dextrose, Invert Sugar, glucose, molasses etc.

Truth is not all products indicate these labeling but notwithstanding it should not deter you from making sure that you don’t entertain sugary foods. Remember your taste buds are always your Judge in these cases.

Daliha Teas are sugar free and taste very delicious even without milk or sugar. You can also try our Daliha Powders and Juices sweetened with natural sweetener which is good for your health.

2. Eat High Protein Diet

Protein is a food nutrient that is good for making bones, hormones, enzymes and cartilages. Protein diets have an ability of making you full for long. This helps in preventing cravings.

Protein rich meals has also been proven to reduce appetite and hunger. One study revealed that increasing protein in the diet by 25% reduced cravings by 60%.

Most often when we talk about protein, we have to include whole sources like eggs, fish, lean meat like shrimps, beef (without fat) dairy products. Other plant sources of protein like lentils,quinoa, almonds, potatoes are good. Protein sources from processed meats like hot dogs, sausage, bacon, fried meats can be hazardous to our health. Most of these protein sources are high in bad fats which can lead to high cholesterol levels and weight gain. Our Daliha Slim Tea helps in fat burning ability to support your weight loss program. Drinking our Tea should not encourage you to take in these high cholesterol foods.

3. Use Natural Sweeteners

It is not easy to avoid sugar in your diet completely. Most people who have diabetes struggle on this a lot. But there’s always a way out. Adding other natural alternatives can be a good way to still enjoy your favourite meals.

Natural Sweeteners are good. Don’t get confused with some other ones on the market which are not necessarily sugar but have been refined. A refined sweetener is the same as refined sugar simple. Go for the following little or no calorie substitutes like;

  1. Stevia: From the leaves of the plant stevia rebaudiana. It has no calories. A very good substitute for diabetics. Products like our Daliha Turkey Powder sweetened with stevia also helps control blood sugar levels.
  2. Xylitol: It has about 2.4 calories per gram as opposed to sugar that has 4 calories in gram. This kind of sweetener is usually used for sugar free candies, certain gums etc.
  3. Coconut Sugar: Even though coconut sugar is better than sugar it has some fructose therefore it should be used sparingly.
  4. Erythritol: Found in fruits. It contains 6% of the calories of sugar
  5. Raw Local Honey: Most honey that are in the market now has been processed and depleted of their organic constituents. Pure honey is thick and sticks to the surface when applied. It does not dissolve easily. Other ones will be runny or watery. Hence be very selective when choosing honey as a substitute for sugar. All the same just don’t take too much of it if you are not sure of it. If you are not adding any other sugar substitute to your diet its advisable to take not more than 2 tablespoon of honey a day. Even though honey is better than sugar, because it has some calories in it, its required to eat in moderation. Also note that this may not be the best option for people who already have diabetes.

4. Eat Whole Foods

Eating whole foods is another way of ensuring you limit your intake of sugar. This is because most processed food contain additives, artificial flavors and certain preservatives that have traces of sugar in them. Organic foods usually do not have some of these substances in them.

Processed foods like soft and energy drinks, pizzas, desserts, pastries, pies etc and other sugar sweetened juices should be consumed in moderation. If you find it difficult to limit intake of these foods you want to try including certain healthy snacks like berries, apples, plantain chips, nuts, grapes, boiled eggs etc. You can try taking low sweetened or natural sweetened fruit juices like Daliha Turkey Berry Juice or greek yoghurts dazzled with some fruits.

5. Avoid Distractions

It is easier to go for something when you can easily have access to it. One way to reduce sugar intake is to avoid buying them into your homes.

Studies show that sugar cravings can be high in the evenings. Evidence also show that the circadian rhythm or internal clock increases hunger and cravings for sweet and starchy foods in the evenings. One quick and easy way to further control this is to get distracted with some chewy foods like high fibre low sugar biscuits, nuts etc. You can also go a long way to replace the sugar with healthier sugar substitutes on your shelves.

The Bottom Line

Avoiding sugar in your diet requires a lot of discipline and effort. It may need that you cut down your favourite snacks, desserts and in extreme cases even avoid certain social gatherings. Some eating habits can be influenced by your associations.

All the same nothing is as bad as being diagnosed of a high blood sugar level or diabetes or being obese, or suffering from some deadly cancer.

Don’t to allow your body to be harmed. Take up the cross of staying healthy and employ all necessary resources required to prevent any instance of high blood sugar.

If you have any disease connected to high sugar levels you can manage and control or even reverse it by following the above tips and many other ones. Daliha Turkey Berry and Ginger Mixed Teas are great solution to help you out of high blood sugar.

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