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Recently a nursing mother called our office and was so much worried about her baby’s inability to feed well. Even after the six month of breastfeeding she was so determined to give her baby the best. After revisiting her dietitian, he advised that the baby’s complementary foods need a boost of some key nutrients. Unfortunately her baby did not have enough of these nutrients because the mother lacked them. In addition to other foods, she included our Daliha Turkey Berry Powder to her meals and her baby’s nutrition has improved.

There has been a lot of education on maternal and child health, including breastfeeding and it’s benefits to both baby and mother. Both baby and mother are delicate hence the right knowledge as to how they should live needs to be passed on.

Breastfeeding, aside being a birth control method for six months, helps in baby and mother bonding. It may also help reduce their risk for specific medical conditions like heart diseases and diabetes as they age. Breast milk contains nutrients essential for developing your baby in their right proportions and at the right temperature. Breast milk composition also varies during the period of breastfeeding to meet the baby’s nutritional needs.

Breastmilk production requires extra nutrients on the mother’s part; this may cause her to feel hungry frequently, hence needing to eat more. Because of the need for calories and other nutrients like iron, protein, vitamin D, vitamin A, vitamin E, vitamin C, B12, selenium, and zinc. It’s important to eat from various high-quality nutrient sources; mothers should obtain essential and non-essential nutrients. So while you plan your diet, try as much as possible to reduce processed foods in your diet plan.

Why is it so important to follow a healthy, nutritious diet while breastfeeding? You need to promote your state of health and ensure that the baby has essential nutrients for growth when breastfeeding. Breast milk is a wholesome meal for baby and contains everything baby needs especially for the first six months of life. Therefore, the baby’s breastmilk and health quality can be affected if the mother does not diet healthily.

Our bodies usually use nutrients stored up when we don’t eat properly for some time; in extreme cases, weight loss can be observed. You may find that a mother may not be eating well (healthy balanced meals) but would still breastfeed the baby because of the body’s food stores being used up. The ultimate is to have a healthy mother and a healthy baby. The ratio of nutrients absorbed into the body is not directly proportional to the foods we eat, since some foods contain more than one mega nutrient. Having a variety of food groups to choose from, to obtain the essential nutrients needed to stay healthy and to produce enough quality milk to feed baby makes eating a healthy diet much more comfortable.

Some food groups to choose from include: 👉
Kindly note that these examples do not sum it all. Hence we are not limiting you to these:

  • Animal and plant proteins
  • Meat and poultry: chicken, beef, lamb, pork, offals; organ meats, such as liver, eggs, beans, full-fat yoghurt, etc
  • Fruits and vegetables:
  • Berries, tomatoes, pepper, cabbage, garlic, broccoli, avocados
  • Iron-rich foods: Dark green leafy vegetables like Nkontomire, Ayoyo, turkey berry, bitter leave, spinach, etc. Always go for trusted brands of organic foods. We have Daliha turkey berry based foods you can choose from.
  • Fish and seafood: salmon, seaweed, shellfish, sardines, tilapia, mudfish, herrings, etc
  • Nuts and seeds:
  • almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, coconut, etc
  • Nuts and seeds:
  • almonds, walnuts, flaxseeds, coconut, etc

Choosing from various food groups helps you obtain all necessary nutrients and changes your diet’s taste, reducing monopoly, which can be quite dull. It makes the food look attractive and delicious to eat. It will also expose your baby’s tongue to different flavours of food while breastfeeding.

Drink Enough Water
While breastfeeding, aim to drink a lot of water. At least 8 cups of water plus other fluids from healthy sources per day. It could be from fruits or vegetables or nuts (e.g. Coconuts)
Water has many benefits to the body, especially after birth. It helps in the maintaining of fluid balance, it prevents dehydration, it helps in digestion of food and thermoregulation of the body.

Foods To Avoid

Here are some foods and drinks to avoid when breastfeeding:

Caffeine: Excessive caffeine affects baby’s health. Some sources of caffeine include; some teas, soda, coffee, chocolate. Drinking a coffee cup ( at most 300mg) any other day but not daily is safe but if possible, avoid coffee. It may cause sleeplessness in baby aside other effects.

Alcoholic drinks: Alcohol intake should be regulated when breastfeeding. It affects both the mother and baby’s health.


Building a strong bond between you and your baby is very important. Every aspect of your child’s development is key to their overall wellbeing. Breastfeeding is a must especially in the first six months for every baby. The joy of every nursing mother is to see their baby grow strong and healthy. Make it a priority to give your best. Your children are blessed beyond measure.

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