Practical Ways To Prevent Diabetes

Building good health can be an exciting way of living. Every food is good for eating but not all foods you eat can be of benefit to you.

One of the most common lifestyle diseases is Diabetes. In Recent times research has revealed that diabetes is one of the topmost underlying conditions that can worsen coronavirus symptoms. According to the report on the current crisis, over 100,000 people who died from coronavirus infection have diabetic conditions prior to the Covid-19 attack. This is because diabetes affects the immune system.

This is the very reason why choosing a healthy lifestyle against diabetes is one of the best decisions that could ever happen to you.

The kind of work you do, your commitment in planning meals, the amount of food and the timing of your meals can all impact your blood sugar in many ways.

Diabetes is a condition that occurs when the pancreas is no longer able to make insulin or when the body cannot make good use of insulin it produces. Insulin is a hormone that helps carry the glucose in the food we eat from the blood into the cells to be used for energy and other functions.

When the blood sugar/glucose is high it is termed as hyperglycemia.


There are three types of Diabetes;

Type 1 Diabetes: This occurs when the body produces little or no insulin. Hence you will require insulin injections to control blood sugar levels.

Type 2 Diabetes: This is the most common. It occurs when the body does not make good use of insulin it produces. However, a healthy lifestyle including healthy diet and physical activity can treat this.

Gestational Diabetes: This occurs when blood sugar is high especially during pregnancy. This usually disappears after pregnancy.

Prevention Measures

Here are some healthy habits to control blood sugar;

  • Eat At Regular Times: When you plan your meals well it helps to regulate blood sugar well. Eating at the right time in the right amount can help your body to control blood sugar and provide your body with sustainable energy.

A high fibre and protein rich breakfast like a combination of eggs, vegetables, whole bread is excellent. It helps provide energy, enhance fullness and control blood sugar level. When you always skip meals like breakfast you experience sugar spikes later in the day after lunch or dinner, even if you eat in small amounts. Skipping meals affects beta cell function and can increase blood sugar. Just avoid skipping meals consistently. If you are diabetic and you want to reverse it you don’t have to be skipping breakfast rather eat in moderation.

  • Eat Low Glycemic Index (GI) Foods: These foods digest more slowly and prevents the body from producing too much insulin hence avoiding sugar spikes. The high fibre content in low GI foods also slows down the rate at which blood sugar rises after a meal. Low GI foods also helps reduce long-term blood sugar levels. You can include fibre rich powders into your porridges to enhance the fibre content. Daliha Powder is very rich in fibre and iron. They include beans, whole grains, oats, yam, vegetables etc.

  • Losing Weight: Research has revealed that losing 5%-10% of your total weight when you are obese with diabetes can reduce insulin resistance and make muscles and fat tissues more sensitive in circulating insulin levels in the blood.

This enhances the insulin ability to transport glucose from the blood into the cells to be used as energy. Losing weight when you are obese or overweight is also good for your overall health.

  • Reduce Cravings: The foods we crave for many times can result in introducing extra sugar into the blood. A perfect example is when you have eaten dinner but you desire to snack on ice-cream or chocolate late at night. 

Most often cravings are also an indication that our body maybe lacking enough high protein foods. Studies show that persons who included high protein foods into their diet reduced cravings by 60%. This also reduced their calorie intake as well. Eat good protein foods like lean beef, chicken, beans, whole eggs, salmon.

  • Limit Intake Of Sugary Foods: When it comes to sugary foods you have to be very intentional about it. Because even if you are not adding refined sugar into your meals you may be consuming it in other forms. A lot of packaged foods have sugar in forms of maltose, lactose, dextrose, High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFC) etc. Consuming these foods or sugary drinks can cunningly increase blood sugar over time. Learn to read food labels and look out for these sugars so you can eat them in very moderate amounts.

  • Stay Hydrated: Drinking enough water prevents dehydration. Dehydration can cause blood sugar to concentrate and rise.  By drinking water, it helps to dilute the sugar in the blood. This also helps your kidney to flush out excess blood sugar in form of urine. It is advisable to drink at least 6 glasses of water daily. If you sweat a lot because of the kind of work you do. You have to drink more water frequently.

Drinking water also helps you to feel full and can prevent sweet carvings. Drinking unsweetened and caffeine-free teas are also a good way of introducing water into your blood.  Daliha Tea is caffeine-free and very good for controlling blood sugar as it helps to sensitize the cells so they are able to breakdown sugar naturally.

  • Exercise: Exercise is a critical activity to undertake if you want to control your blood sugar. When you exercise regularly it helps your body use insulin more efficiently thereby reducing insulin resistance. Studies show that blood sugar level can reduce for up to 12 hours after you exercise. Having energy to embark on an exercise is important so you don’t go into hypo because your body has used so much energy. It is advisable to exercise 2-3 hours after you have eaten.

This is because your blood sugar is likely to be high at this time. But don’t overeat so you don’t feel dull. Some Teas that contain iron like Daliha Teas can also help in sustaining your energy during exercise.

 You can easily reverse diabetes especially if its type 2 with these habits and many more. Diabetes can be prevented or even reversed. But this depends on how early it’s detected and how committed you are if you are diabetic to subscribing to a healthy routine.

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