Daliha Spice

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Daliha Turkey Berrry Spice is processed from the little turkey berry gems with a rich tasty mix that gives your food a welcoming homey experience.  It helps in the production of red blood cells, energy booster, brain function and improves digestion.  Add to cooking and seasonings and let the taste do the talking.



Daliha Spice is rich in iron, fibre, vitamins and antioxidants.  Its organic,gluten and caffeine free and Non-GMO

  1. Helps boost blood by stimulating the production of red blood cells
  2. Helps boost the immune system

*This product is not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease


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1. Helps boost iron blood & immune system booster
2. Energy and Brain Booster
3. Helps regulate blood sugar
4. Good for stress relieves