Daliha Turkey Berry Turmeric Tea


Our Daliha Turkey Berry Turmeric Tea is a mix of nutritious herbs. It is organic, earthy and mild with a welcoming aroma you can’t resist. Every sip brings you into that energetic mood and at the same time giving you a relaxed feeling. It is made for your heart. Let Daliha Tea help you bring out the best in your heart. It contains, turkey berry, turmeric, garlic and other herbs.  Steep 1-2 teabags/day.


It helps in regulating the contractions of all muscles, including the heart muscle, regular heart rhythms.

It also helps maintain fluid balance and blood flow in the body and reduces the effect of sodium which can raise blood pressure.

It helps to circulate oxygen in the body thereby energizing and strengthening the blood vessels. it also enhances regular heartbeat

It helps protect against oxidative stress and inflammation


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