Day in day out, fluid imbalances occur in our body as a result of the food we eat or the fluids we drink and the processes going on in our bodies.  The most important thing is that, what is taken into the body, be it solid or liquid food should help keep one healthy and promote growth and development. Fluids have their place and we cannot do without them when it comes to feeding.

There’s a wide range to choose from but not just any liquid is healthy enough to boost healthy living. There are some that cause individual’s body to loose more water and too much of those can lead to dehydration. However there are some that include healthy nutrients and encourage a good fluid balance. Unless, you are on strict fluid diet or restricted to a particular kind of and amount of fluid per day, there are lots of healthy fluids for you to pick from.

Below are some fluids or liquid foods or beverages to help keep you healthy and hydrated and a few other fluids you should limit or avoid.

  1. Drink Natural Water.

Drinking enough water, about 8 glasses a day is enough fluid to keep you hydrated. It might not be an easy thing to do, as sometimes work and schedules may not allow you to have access to water often; but keeping a water bottle with you makes it easier to bring to mind the need to drink enough water, you could also set reminders on your phone in view of that. It’s a practice that is feasible in most instances, you can try it out if drinking water during the day is a challenge. Get a nice bottle to carry along with you. Water is useful in many ways, example;  regulating body temperature, lubricating the various joints of the body, aiding in digestion by transporting nutrients and also in excretion of some waste content from the body. Hydration is life.

2. Water Infused with Fruit(s) or Veggies

Mixing a healthy fruit or veggies with your drinking water for the day is very healthful and exciting. There are no extra sugars from artificial sources. Usually, the fruit or veggies imparts flavour and specific nutrients to the water per what was used to mix with it. Above all, you will enjoy an exceptional taste which is irresistible. This can be done in place of plain water. You can infuse fruits like carrots, cucumber, beetroots, oranges peels. lemons or a combination of them etc. Always ensure that you don’t leave a fruit infused water down for long without storing it in the fridge. But mostly it’s advisable to prepare a quantity you can finish drinking at least in a day.

3. Milk and Milk Alternatives

You may want to consider milk when you think of hydration. There are different types of milk and alternatives too, so it depends on your preference for milk. Milk is thicker than water, but that is not suggestive of it causing dehydration. Unsweetened Milk of any kind is advised. Milk contains other nutrients such us Vitamin D, calcium, protein that water does not contain. Aside body growth and development, proteins can also provide some energy to keep you going during the day. Unless you are on a restricted milk diet, or there’s a condition like lactose intolerance that prevents you from taking milk, it is a good source of hydrating the body. You can read more to find out what types of milk are much healthier for you or see a nutritionist or Doctor to confirm.

4. Fruit Juice

Daliha Turkey Berry Juices

Fruit juices are healthy sources of fluids for the body. They are loaded with vitamins and other nutrients for keeping the body healthy. It contains lots of water. What to be mindful of fruit juices is their sugar content. Sugar content may vary per juice, its always advisable to go for juices that have less sugar. Too much can also cause frequent urination in some cases and this can lead to dehydration and even diabetes. Meanwhile you can choose to add ice cubes when taking juices to enjoy the pleasure. Daliha Fruit Juices are low in sugar and sweetened with natural sources of sugar and come in different fruity blends for you to choose from

5. Watermelon Fruit

Water melon is a good fruit for hydration. It contains about 90% of liquid. Eating this fruit gives you more liquid as most of the liquid is retained when eating it. You can enjoy it sliced or even blend it into a smoothie and dice some nuts into it for a pleasurable experience. Usually because of its short shelf-life, it will require refrigeration if you want to eat it a day after it is sliced. There are other hydrating fruits that you can eat if they are part of your preference.

6. Coconut Water

Natural coconut water is a healthy source of water for good hydration. There are also bottled coconut waters which are also good for drinking but check labels for sugar content to be sure you’re not going to be consuming too much sugars.

7. Sports Drinks

Sport drinks contain more carbohydrates and sugars. They are also flavoured to encourage drinking. They help to provide quick energy and hydrate athletes. They are not advisable in instances where the individual does not work out. And should not be taken on the regular.

8. Teas

Daliha Turkey Berry Tea

Drinking normal tea on a regular basis helps to hydrate an individual. Some teas are packed with antioxidants and have nice flavours to encourage drinking. Some also boost immunity (Daliha Immunklin Tea) because of their content. Caffeine free teas (Daliha Teas) are advised to be taken on the regular, if you’re a tea fun. Teas hydrate just like water but caffeine teas dehydrate individuals because of the diuretic properties of caffeine. It should be avoided if you want to stay hydrated. Daliha Teas are organic, caffeine-free and full of nutrients and antioxidants from natural and organic herbs that helps you hydrate in a healthy, tasty and enjoyable way.


Soda Drinks: Soft drinks in general – carbonated water with some added  nutrients, flavour, preservatives, sweeteners, lots of artificial sugars, some contain caffeine  – which encourages dehydration.

Diet Coke: This is also not helpful because of the sugar content in it.   Taking soft drinks on a regular is not a healthy practice.

Alcoholic Beverages/Drinks/Wines/Cocktails: These also encourage loss of water from an individual’s body and should not be taken regularly if hydration is the goal. They can be taken once in a while though but with low (4%-5%) alcohol contents and ensure you have enough water to keep the balance.

Sweet Teas: Too much sugars do not help when one wants to be hydrated. It may even cancel other benefits that can be obtained from the tea. With too much sugar when dilution with water helps to reduce the sugar content, then you can drink your sweet teas.

Energy Drinks: As mentioned earlier, it is not advisable to take such drinks regularly if consistent exercising is out of the picture. Energy drinks are infused with caffeine, artificial sugars, preservatives, colour and flavour. These drinks encourage dehydration rather than hydration.

Coffee: Coffee is consumed by a wide range of people all around the world. Some people can have ,two to three cups in a day. Which is not healthy because more coffee in your system means more caffeine in your system leading to dehydration. Usually, most coffees come with caffeine in them. Always check the labels to know how much you’re consuming and confirm with your Doctor if it’s the right amount for you.


It’s important to note that, being dehydrated over time could affect you in some ways: it decreases energy levels, discoloration of urine, sunken eye, dry skin, dizziness, decreased kidney function and could contribute to diseases such as diabetes. In severe instances, you may have to be admitted to be properly hydrated.

Drinking more water consistently with other hydrating fluids is not only good for our bodies, but for our minds, organs, skin, and muscles as well, it helps in functionality. Not all fluids help to keep us properly hydrated, be careful to check for sugars, calories, carbohydrate in drinks or fluids you consume if hydration is the goal.

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