Simple Ways To Keep Your Heart Healthy

Written By Achiever Foods Nutrition Unit

Blood Pressure is the pressure of circulating blood against the walls of blood vessels. The heart is one of the vital organs in the body that is responsible for pumping blood to all other parts of the body. The heart is made of Four (4 ) chambers, 2 atria, 2 ventricles. The heart works as a pump, ensuring that blood is circulated in the body of an individual. It pumps blood through arteries and veins to organs, muscles and tissues. It is part of a body system called the cardiovascular system. A healthy individual with a healthy heart influences the heart rate, such that, less amount of oxygen is required by organs, muscles and tissues when there individual is in resting position and vice versa.

The nature of the heart’s function in the body  naturally  puts an individual at risk for developing heart diseases as they age, especially if the individual lived an unhealthy lifestyle. Heart diseases are on a rise in developing countries.

Below are some factors that can put an individual at higher risk for heart diseases.

• Aging ( old age ) – aging naturally increases an individual’s chances of developing heart diseases as the heart muscles become  weak over time.

• High blood pressure – Too much pressure exerted by the heart muscles to ensure circulation and functioning could lead to damaging of heart muscles, valves and overloading of the heart which can have serious complications.

• High cholesterol levels – High blood cholesterol levels ( low-density lipoproteins also call bad cholesterols) that are not controlled can affect the functioning of the heart. They contribute to artery-clogging plaque.

• Overweight – Being overweight or obesity creates more room for fat deposits in the inner walls of blood vessel, developing into a material called plaque, which gradually builds up in arteries, and end up affecting blood circulation and the functioning of the heart.

• Smoking – Smoking affects the nature of cells and tissues over time which would eventually affect the way the heart functions because the normal healthy cells and tissues would be destroyed over time.

• Poor diet – Diet plays an important role when it comes to heart health. Eating unbalanced diets and too much junk food almost all the time can make one prone to developing a heart disease as fat build up in the arteries is likely to occur over time

• Lack of exercise – One health benefit of exercising is that, it enhances circulation. Not exercising means enhancement of fat deposits in arteries, which could eventually block blood circulation and affect the heart functioning.

Some Healthy Ways to Keep the Heart Healthy

• Regular check ups – Having check ups regularly or at least once in a year makes it easier to check on the functioning of the heart and the body as a whole.

• Stop smoking – If you are a smoker, it is of more benefit to your heart and overall health if you quit. And if you do not smoke, it is much safe to avoid the presence of an individual who smokes. Secondary smoking can also put you at risk.

• Exercising – Engage in heart pumping exercising regularly to enhance circulation. Exercise with caution – nothing extreme. You can downloaded applications onto your smart phone to help keep you in check with regards to exercising.

• Stress Management – Being consistently stressed over time can affect your blood pressure by increasing it. Make time to rest and relieve yourself off the pressure. Stress exerts pressure on your blood vessels which can affect the flow of blood and inflammation of the vessels. When you have enough rest it improves free flow of blood and also reduces inflammations. Our Daliha Turkey Berry Turmeric tea has good stress relieving properties

.Daliha Turkey Berry Turmeric Tea and Powder is very good for heart health and helps control blood pressure. It contains ingredients like turkey berries, turmeric, garlic, black pepper and other herbs. The combination of these ingredients and many other herbs is rich in Potassium. Potassium plays an important role of regulating the contractions of all muscles, including the heart muscle, regular heart rhythms. It also helps maintain fluid balance and blood flow in the body and reduces the effect of sodium which can raise blood pressure.

Daliha Turkey Berry Turmeric Tea and Powder also contains iron. Iron helps to circulate oxygen in the body thereby energizing and strengthening the blood vessels. it also enhances regular heartbeat. There are foods that also contribute to reducing blood pressure and lower risk of heart diseases.

Daliha Turkey Berry Turmeric Tea and Powder contains antioxidants like anthocyanins, which protect against oxidative stress and inflammation which contributes to a healthy heart.

Daliha Turkey Berry Turmeric Powder contains fibre which helps to lower bad cholesterol, reduce sugar levels in blood and help you keep a healthy weight. It also helps to reduce the risk of cardiovascular complications. Our Powders can also be added to other fibre rich foods like oatmeal, fibre rich fruit smoothies for a delightful healthy experience.

Fruits and vegetables: green leafy vegetables: These foods are high in potassium, vitamin K, , examples; banana, raisins, oranges; tomatoes, spinach, flaxseeds, garlic, avocado,

Seafoods and Poultry: Foods like Fish, Herrings, salmon, trout, mackerel, sardines, are excellent sources of omega 3 fatty acids. Thus they contain good Fats which helps in maintaining a healthy heart and reduce bad cholestrol in the body

Limit intake of artificial sugars, refined carbohydrates: These sugars can result in an increase in blood sugar levels which overtime can damage the blood vessels and nerves.

Eat less salt if you are hypertensive: This is because salt contains sodium. High levels of sodium in the body over time stiffens and narrows the blood vessels. Less salt improves blood and oxygen flow to the organs

Cut down on fatty diets – Avoid Processed foods that have high saturated fat contents, you can check food labels to be sure you are consuming the right amount of fat. Processed foods that contain trans fats, saturated fats should be taken in very minimum levels. Foods you can include in your diets include low-fat diary products such as;  low-fat milk, yoghurt. Reducing your daily intake of calories can also help reduce your chances of developing a heart disease

Bottom Line

The heart is a major component of the body that needs to be protected with care. When your heart is healthy your whole body will feel it. What you feed yourself with daily is what you eventually become as an individual. Adding these heart healthy foods and habits to your lifestyle can help prevent and decrease your chances of developing heart diseases and help keep your heart healthy. Most importantly having a positive mindset about your health is your first investment to living a healthy life. Don’t wait till you are diagnosed of high blood pressure before you start making these dietary changes. Start NOW. DRINK DALIHA TEA.

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