Testimonial From A Client-#3

Written By Achiever Foods Nutrition Unit

We are back with our testimony segments for the season. Get ready for another insightful moment. Madam Belinda has a good news to share.

Mrs Belinda Bengono

“Hi there everybody, my name is Mrs. Belinda Bengono from Accra. I want to endorse these products. I am a living testimony of these products- Daliha turkey berry and turkey berry ginger teas. I have taken it myself. It’s a very good product. In fact, I first took it out of curiosity. When I gave it a try I never regretted. I slept very well and relaxed, no turning around and struggling on the bed. It really helped me relief stress.

Today, I am able to rest well and wake up feeling very sound. These products are good for the young and the old. The Immune system support teas are also good. If you want to control your blood sugar they also have wonderful teas for that.

I am over 60 and still working strong. I am recommending these Daliha products to everyone. You will love the ginger mix. Daliha products are superb and great. Bye.”

What a great testimony from another client. You need to experience Daliha products for yourself and share your testimony with us too. Many of you have awesome testimonies and we would love to hear from you as well.


You don’t have to be necessarily sick before you need our products. You and your family need to stay healthy and strong. Don’t wait till things are out of hand before you start looking for answers. Healthy Living starts with Daliha.

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