Testimonial From A Client -#2

What an awesome moment to share with you what is going on in the Daliha World. Come along let’s share with you the second testimonial from another customer who uses Daliha Products.

Mrs Doreen Yawson – CEO, Rightdose Pharmacy, Accra

“My name is Doreen Yawson– CEO at RightDose Pharmacy, Accra. About 6 months ago, anytime I had my menses I felt very weak. One day a gentleman walked into my shop and introduced a product called Daliha Turkey Berry Tea to me. He made it known to me that turkey berry is also called ‘abedru’. First of all, I was very surprised because I knew the local name ‘abeduru’ but didn’t know the English name until then. He told me about a situation his wife experienced and shared with me how the Turkey Berry Fruits helped in saving her life.

I took some of the samples of the Tea to try and just after taking two cups of the brewed tea I noticed a change. Since then anytime I had my menses while drinking the Daliha Turkey Berry Teas, I wake up feeling strong and energized. I really trust the benefits of this product. Now I stock all their range of products from Teas, Juices and Powders in my shop and customers buy them a lot.

I even went ahead to order for 100 bags of the Daliha Immunklin tea for my whole family. I also love the Daliha Juice. You can instantly gain iron when you drink a bottle. I want you all to buy made in Ghana products. This Daliha products are natural with no artificial colours or refined sugar. Join me let’s enjoy Daliha products. Cheers!!” You can watch the full video of the testimonial here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vTH6m5kXKk8&feature=youtu.be.

Wow! That is an amazing testimonial from another client. If you are yet to taste Daliha foods you may be wondering If anyone can use them. Thankfully, the following describes persons who need Daliha Foods.

Persons Who Need Daliha Foods for the above Benefits

1. Health conscious people who want organic products to stay healthy and boost their immune system.

2. Pregnant women who need to keep their iron levels balanced and baby development throughout pregnancy

3. Nursing mothers who need to supplement their diet with iron rich foods to enhance nutritious breast milk

4. Women who menstruate every month and need to restore iron levels without experiencing constipation, diarrhoea or nausea

5. Sportsmen & women for energy and fitness.

6. Children from 2 years and above for proper brain development.

Daliha products are real. We are saving lives and making families stay healthy and strong.


You don’t have to be necessarily sick before you need our products. You and your family need to stay healthy and strong. Don’t wait till things are out of hand before you start looking for answers. Healthy Living starts with Daliha.

If you need some more insights into this subject kindly send us a mail to [email protected] or call our Nutrition Business Unit on +233 24 842 3588.

If you need any Daliha Product, kindly click on the link below to place your order and it will be delivered to you at your door. https://achieverfoods.net/shop/.

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