Testimonial From A Client #1

Today, we want to share with you about how our products have been of great benefit to one of our clients.

Let’s hear from Charity.

“…My name is Charity. I just want to inform you about my experience with Daliha foods. When I was pregnant, I once went to the hospital and upon running some tests, I was told my blood level was low. It was 9 so I was given some drugs to increase my blood level.

Charity and her baby

I was then asked to come and repeat the test in a month’s time which I did but unfortunately, the blood level rather decreased to 8.1.

I complained to a friend and she recommended Daliha foods. I decided to give it a try. I was using the tea, spices and the drink. I was using it until I went for antenatal the following month.

The test was repeated once again and my blood level increased from 8.1 to 11. In fact, I was so excited so I continued using it and when I was due for delivery, my blood level had increased to 12.8. By the grace of God, Daliha foods saved the life of my baby and I. I recommend Daliha to everyone, be it a child or an adult. Thank you…”

This above is an awesome testimony from a nursing mother who was anemic before childbirth. This is just one of the over 400 pregnant women Daliha Foods has helped. We will be bringing your way many other wonderful testimonies soon…..stay tuned!

Generally, studies reveal that blood levels below 10 g/dl indicates anemic condition. This is even more critical for pregnant women. But we have a great news for you! When you subscribe to Daliha Foods, you will achieve an optimum blood level during pregnancy.

Benefits of Daliha Foods

👉 Boost Blood health-helps in production of red blood cells 

👉Helps Boost Energy- helps fight fatigue and tiredness

👉Boost Brain Function- helps fight frequent headaches, improves brain activity.

Daliha Turkey Berry Tea

Persons Who Need Daliha Foods for the above Benefits

1. Health conscious people who want organic products to stay healthy

2. Pregnant women who need to keep their iron levels balanced and baby development  throughout pregnancy

3. Nursing mothers who need to supplement their diet with iron rich foods to enhance nutritious breast milk

4. Women who menstruate every month and need to restore iron levels without experiencing constipation, diarrhoea or nausea

5. Sportsmen & women for energy and fitness.

6. For children 2 years and above for proper brain development.

Daliha products are real. We are saving lives


You don’t have to be necessarily sick before using Daliha products. You and your family need to stay healthy and strong. Don’t wait till things are out of hand before you start looking for solutions. Healthy Living starts with Daliha.

If you need some more insights into this subject kindly send us a mail to [email protected] or call our Nutrition Business Unit on +233 24 842 3588.

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