Top Secrets about Good Digestive Health

Written by Achiever Foods Nutrition Unit

How do you feel after eating your favorite meal only for you to regret it through a runny stomach? That definitely will bring every activity you are involved in to a standstill.

Did you know that about 70% of the proportion of your immune system is in your digestive tract? That is to say that the gut walls houses 70% of the cells that make up the immune system (Dr. Mark Hyman).

Many people do suffer from digestive problems like bloating, cramping, constipation, diarrhoea, gas for many reasons. Whereas some are basically caused by the kind food we eat others could go a long way to be caused by the effects of other underlying diseases like Irritable bowel syndrome or even the misuse of medications.

Digestive problems are not exclusive to only a few people but can also affect a healthy person who may not eat right at some times. Here are some healthy tips to help you prevent bad experiences with your gut;

1.Avoid overeating

The average adult stomach can take up to 75ml volume of food when empty. But this depends on your age and frequent eating habits. In some cases, people can go beyond this average because the stomach can stretch itself. But it only means putting pressure on it.

Don’t Over Eat

When you overeat, you put pressure on your stomach’s capacity. This may cause nausea or indigestion. In your body’s attempt to fight the effects of nausea you may experience vomiting as a way of toning down the stomach pressure.

Sometimes overeating is triggered by our association or personal lifestyles. It is very common to find quite a number of people eating their main meals with soft drinks or carbonated drinks at the same time. Some people can’t finish a plate of rice without drinking soft drink or other carbonated drinks during the process. All these practices can lead to gas and bloating.

Stomach reflux is also common with overeating as the food can actually travel back into the esophagus causing burning sensations in the chest usually referred to as heart burn.

To avoid bad experiences with your digestive system practice eating in moderation or small portions. Avoid loading your stomach with too much food.If you want to lose weight overeating is a no-go area. Daliha Slim Teas (Please visit our Cart at and place your order) can help you prevent overeating in a natural way.

2. Maintain a good position

Eating posture is very key to good digestion. Due to the kind of work some people do finding the best position to eat can be very challenging. But nonetheless it’s no excuse when you have to battle with a digestion problem.

Standing to eat can cause food to digest quickly thus preventing the nutrients from being absorbed efficiently. This is because most often when you stand to eat you tend to swallow food more quickly because that position can’t sustain your energy for long periods. This allows air to be rushed into the mouth. When food is not broken down well it leads to bloating and gas due to fermentation especially for certain carbohydrates like rice, pasta, white bread. Studies show that people who eat their meals quickly digest food 30% faster. This may increase the incidence of gas and bloating.

On few occasions people who experience stomach reflux due to overeating are advised to stand upright for long periods after a meal to avoid pressure on the stomach and likelihood of food coming back to the esophagus.

Meanwhile this doesn’t nullify the truth that sitting down and upright to eat is mostly advisable for proper digestion. Remember you may not have to battle with a reflux if you don’t overeat. 

Sitting down to eat helps the stomach absorb food more slowly and at a steady manner. This method of eating also increases fullness during a meal. When you are done eating don’t just rush out of your sits as quickly as some people do. Allow food to settle in your stomach first.

3. Choose healthy Sources

Healthy Eating

Where you eat and what food you eat can also affect your digestion. Some people might have experienced digestion problems because of hygienic conditions surrounding their food or even how the food is prepared. For example, meats are supposed to be boiled for an average of 60-70°C and grilled for about 15 minutes so as to kill certain microbes that can cause stomach upset or even food poisoning.

The environment in which you buy food to eat like restaurants, eat inns etc should also be very clean and neat. Those who serve food must also ensure a very hygienic way of doing things. All these factors contribute in ensuring you don’t suffer digestion problems from these sources.

Kitchen Hobby

Well, the best advice is to always cook your own food. But hey, not everyone has luxury of time. However, you can agree with me that when you have a runny tummy luxury is no longer an excuse. You will notice all of a sudden that you have enough time to deal with your discomfort. The thumb of rule is to make hygiene a priority in what you eat, where you eat and how you prepare your own food.  Always kick out any likelihood of bad occurrences with your digestive health.

4.Eat Fibrous Foods

Fibre is a very essential nutrient for digestive health. Fibre helps prevent or relieve constipation. It can further help in maintaining a healthy weight and preventing diseases like diabetes and hypertension.

Check Your Weight Regularly

There are two types of fibre- soluble and insoluble. Soluble fibre dissolves in water and Insoluble fibre enhances bulky movement of materials through the digestive system. It helps in regulating bowel movements by increasing the size of your stools and softening it. This can help in preventing constipation.

Soluble fibre can also help in lowering bad cholesterol and lowering high blood sugar which can improve the condition of people with high blood pressure and diabetes respectively. Sources like beans, citrus foods, apples, oats and nuts are good. Insoluble fibre food sources include whole grains(unrefined) like wheat bran and flour, veggies, potatoes etc. All fibre foods are good for digestive health,because of their low glycemic nature.

Most of the foods we eat have been processed and stripped off their fibre components hence it becomes quite difficult to consistently ensure you are taking in good fibre.

We have some fibre rich powders (Please visit our Cart at and place your order) you can include to your meals to help you reach your healthy digestive goals. You can still enjoy your favorite meals by including our tasty rich fibre mix powders to help improve digestion lower blood sugar and maintain healthy weight.

5. Muscle Up

When it comes to exercise it cuts across all sectors of good health and digestive health can’t be left out. Exercise helps in blood flow towards the digestive tract and muscles which enhances food movement.

The best times to exercise to improve digestive health depends on what type of food you eat and the time at which you exercise. Eating some foods like high protein, fat or fibre foods just before an intensive exercise session might not augur well. It’s advisable to wait after 2-3hours before you exercise to avoid any complications.

 In this light simply don’t overfeed before a workout session. Possibly eat something lighter like bananas, drinking iron rich Teas with a slice of bread or even taking some fruit juice (Please visit our Cart at and place your order) Exercises like brisk walking, deep breathing, cycling, yoga are all good ways of improving your digestion.


Digestive problems affect almost everyone. This is basically because everything we eat has it’s central activity taking place in the gut. If you keep experiencing frequent digestive problems you have to speak to your Doctor about it. However more work is dependent on you to reduce or prevent bad experiences with your digestive tract.

Always eat good food, at the right time in the right proportion. Your health is a priceless investment. (Please visit our Cart at and place your order)

If you have further concerns or need to plan a diet for digestive health you can call our Nutrition Unit on +233 24 842 3588 or send us a mail on [email protected]

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