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Sipping Tea during work hours has become part of most organizational cultures. Have you been wondering why most people take coffee breaks during working hours? Well, basically it is done so that the body can take a little rest, be refreshed, and refueled for optimum productivity.

Drink right during short breaks

But! if you are curious like me, you would be wondering why it’s a ‘coffee’ break and not a ‘salad’ break. Yea, because sometimes the name coffee can have a psychological effect on what exactly we do during this break sessions. That is to drink coffee, right?

But it’s not supposed to be the case. These breaks are usually taken basically to rest or relax our brain muscles and refresh us to keep our energy working efficiently.

Whilst some people can work for long hours probably doing the same thing, others may have to distract themselves with taking a walk, sipping a drink or take a short nap to keep energy levels at its optimum output.

Start Your Day With The Right Energy

Keeping our energy levels for each day should not become a distractive weapon in the long term. This then would require that you choose healthy options when taking a break during working hours. We have listed some key healthy ways to keep energy levels at its peak every day;


  1. Hydration

Drinking water must become a necessary culture in our personal lives even before it becomes an organizational culture in our work places. Amidst the numerous benefits of drinking water, the brain is one of the organs that benefits more when we do this. It helps transport nutrients in the food we eat and also helps in removing harmful chemicals out of the body. When we hydrate with water, it enhances the brains creativity, clarity, concentration etc.

 A study was conducted for 34 participants who were 29 years old. Some drank water and others did not for a certain period. The results revealed that those who hydrated themselves experienced a better brain reaction which enhanced their alertness and performance. The other group experienced brain tension and confusion. Make drinking water a lifestyle and this will affect your energy levels positively each day.


  • Drink Healthy Teas

Drinking Tea has been an ancient culture especially among the Chinese. Tea drinking is one pleasurable way you can hydrate yourself and keep your energy levels at its peak each day. But when it comes to energy from teas, we must be conscious of what kind of tea we drink.


Most foods that have caffeine like coffee, fizzy drinks, some cocktails etc may give you an initial energy boost which is good. But in the long term it can affect your sleep which then nullifies the initial benefit of keeping your energy levels efficient for each day. Caffeine affects the thyroid gland, an organ that helps to produce hormones that induces sleep and many other functions.

Research has revealed that many people who maybe suffering from sleeplessness or insomnia have a lifestyle that can be traced to drinking caffeine foods like coffee, soft or fizzy drinks etc.

Daliha Turkey Berry Teas

The best teas for a good and steady energy release are teas that are caffeine free, contain flavones, antioxidants, nutrients like iron etc. This is because iron helps in transporting oxygen to the various parts of the body thereby helping in the releasing of energy in a slow but steady manner. It also helps build a strong thyroid hormone which eventually affects your sleep positively.

Daliha Teas are very good source of iron, antioxidants and other essential nutrients that can give you good energy. You can drink them first thing in the morning or take a sip during break hours at work for an energy boost.

Good Music

Music is good for the soul. I don’t know about you but l do enjoy very soft music at some points during work hours. I get so refreshed and energized when I take just 10 minutes enjoying my favorite tunes. Interestingly the foods we eat affect how we feel or our moods just like how music affects our moods.



A chemical called serotonin affects your moods, appetite etc. It is sometimes called the happy chemical, because it contributes to wellbeing and happiness. It is mainly found in the brain, bowels, and blood platelets. About 95% of this chemical is produced in our gastrointestinal tract. That is to say that our digestive system doesn’t just affect how food is digested but also guides our emotions and how serotonin is produced. (Health Havard).

This is to say that when you eat good food that contains good bacteria, your body would not just have a good digestion but it also affects your serotonin-emotions.

However, music can either stir a good emotion or bad emotion. Emotional eating mostly results in eating unhealthy foods like high calorie, sweet foods, very refined foods (Mayo Clinic). People who get over excited or stress are susceptible to this.

A restaurant conducted a research to know how music affects the kind of food we eat and how long we stay in restaurants to eat. After the study it revealed that 43% of healthy foods was ordered on days a soft or low volume music was played. 32. 49% was recorded for days when high volume music was played.

Eat right at Restaurants

Research has also revealed that loud music made customers order for unhealthy foods whilst low music resulted in longer meal eating hours and healthy options.

Music obviously affects our emotions whether good or bad. When our emotions are affected negatively it can have a ripple effect on our choice of food, digestion and energy levels. Always go for music that will affect you in a positive way, enhance health and energy during the day.

  • Practice Workouts

Workouts are very key in keeping a healthy lifestyle. Most of the recent conditions like diabetes, hypertension, obesity or overweight, etc. are linked to poor lifestyles like lack of exercise.

Workout Session

The pain of doing an exercise everyday can’t be compared to the pain of living with unhealthy body due to a lifestyle disease. But the issue is most people who sincerely know exercise is good would say they don’t have time to do it, or complain its tiring. Notwithstanding, frequent exercise cannot be compromised if balancing your energy every day is your desire.

Exercise is good for heart health. When your heart is healthy, your body benefits from a good flow of blood to every cell which intends enhance your energy levels. The best time to exercise is in the mornings. It helps you become energized and fueled for the day.

To stay motivated go on a walk with a partner or better still choose exercises you enjoy like biking, swimming, dancing and aerobics, jogging etc.

Daliha Teas

Most people get tired easily after just 10-15 minutes exercise. For you to improve endurance during exercise, develop a habit of eating some little breakfast like drinking tea with a slice of bread or even take some fruit juice before your workout session. Daliha Teas are the best choices for you. For people who are diabetic, this is important so you don’t go hypo. For people who are anemic (low in iron), is equally important so you don’t burn out.

Daliha Berry Ginger Tea is an organic formula good for diabetics and Daliha Turkey Berry Tea as well is also good to boost iron levels. Remember to exercise start at a steady and gradual pace and with time you can build at most 30 minutes workout session. If you have to lose weight, you may need more than 30 minutes exercise (Mayo Clinic). Daliha Slim Tea is an organic formula that can turbocharge your weight loss program in a natural way. It helps burn fats and calories and good for your workouts too.

  • Eat Fuller Meals

If you want to balance your energy levels throughout the day, what you eat is very important. You have to be intentional in making the best healthy food choices. Always aim at foods that will give you a slow release of energy. Mostly high glycemic foods get easily absorbed into the blood stream giving you a quick energy by leaving you efficient of energy just when you need it most in the day.

However, it all starts with having a very rich breakfast and avoiding to skip meals unless you are on a short fast. A Breakfast full of protein, fibre, and low fat can be very essential for good energy release for the day. E.g. Oatmeal or Tea (avoid caffeine teas) or juice (no sugary juices), veggies, eggs, a slice of whole wheat bread are good choices. Daliha Tea is caffeine-free and very good for morning energy release.

Daliha Turkey Berry Powder

Our Daliha Juice are sweetened with natural sweeteners which have no calories and good option to other sugary drinks. Note: You can sprinkle some fibre rich powders like Daliha Powders onto your salads or veggies, or porridges to boost slow release of energy. Daliha Powders are very rich source of fibre and many essentials nutrients that helps with a good energy release for your day. This is also essential for diabetes and people who want to lose weight.

At lunch, it’s advisable to choose from foods like rice, potatoes, yams, beans, nuts and include fruits like apples, bananas (at most three medium fingers), etc.

All said and done, the kind of work you do can also affect your choice of meals at lunch. Just remember that you should be able to burn more of the calories or energy in the food you eat as much as you consume it before end of day so you don’t gain weight overtime. Just eat in moderation.

At dinner, you should eat lighter foods because you will be sleeping and you don’t want to burden your body with too much work whilst you sleep so as to prevent gaining weight or even other diseases.



Energy is Power. Empowering your diet to stay energized everyday can be achieved when you plan and stick to the plan. Being your productive best is your priceless gift every day so learn to boost and maintain it.

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