What Is The Best Time to Drink Daliha Teas?

Written by Achiever Foods Nutrition Business Unit

Depending on where you are, where you are going, what you do and how you feel, the time to drink tea can be a very important decision to make.

Does the time you drink tea affect how it works in the body? Yes, it does.

If you really love drinking tea, you don’t mind sipping it as long as you can. But whilst other teas can be taken at any time of the day, others may have to be determined by certain key factors.

We want to share with you the perfect time to drink Daliha Teas while taking into consideration some key factors that are essential in ensuring you get all the benefits in a perfect cup of Daliha Tea.

Early Rise

When the body is asleep there are many things that happen. The digestive system works at a very slow pace, hence making the release of energy at a steady rate. However, when we wake up from sleep especially in the morning the body resumes to optimal function.

Energy is one key thing the body craves for when its awake. This is because you need it for your body to stay active. As a result, it’s very critical at this moment regarding what we do to feed our energy.

Research has revealed that it is advisable to eat or take breakfast about 2 hours after you wake up from bed. This is a general thumb of rule. But obviously what you take in as breakfast should not make you dull and inactive. Light foods like banana, watermelons, biscuits and Teas are very good for this quick boost.

When it comes to Teas, not just any tea would ignite the energy you need. Daliha Tea is a perfect tea for your morning. It contains iron and other nutrients which helps in feeding the brain with the energy it requires to kick start the day.

We have Two types; Turkey Berry and Berry Ginger Teas. These are super energy boost Teas you should experience daily.

  1. Absorption

The human body absorbs food based on many factors. But the common one is based on the type of food, the nutrients present and the time the food is eaten.

“Digestion time varies among individuals and between men and women. After you eat, it takes about six to eight hours for food to pass through your stomach and small intestine” -Mayo Clinic

Daliha Berry Teas

In addition to this some foods digest faster than others. Beans is a perfect example of food that takes long to digest. When it comes to nutrients, refined carbs like pasta, sugary foods and rice get absorbed into the blood stream faster. This is one of the reasons why diabetic people should limit intake of refined foods because it rises blood sugar.

Iron is a very important nutrient in foods that helps in making a substance called haemoglobin. Haemoglobin helps in circulating oxygen in the body. Unfortunately we either don’t get enough of it in our diets or it is not absorbed properly. Iron absorption is based on many factors. Non-haem iron(plant source iron) that do not have enough vitamin in them is better absorbed when added to other vitamin rich diet.

On the flip side, caffeine foods inhibit the absorption of iron especially when included into iron rich rich diet. Its advisable to go for caffeine free foods to enable iron in your food to be absorbed properly and quickly. As long as the body needs oxygen circulation, an iron rich diet should be included every time we want to eat. If you are treating or want to prevent anemia you have no options. In the morning an iron rich tea or juice with slices of bread and eggs can kick start your day. Iron rich foods and others like leafy greens, legumes and meat should be included in our diet throughout the day to enhance digestion and absorption.

3. Bed Times

Digestion naturally slows down when we sleep. This is one of the reasons why its advisable to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime. Most especially, the foods should not put so much stress on your digestive system. If you check from most diet plans, heavy foods are usually positioned in between your wake up and lunch times. The body needs more energy in the day. At night the best treat for your body is lighter foods. Depending on your work schedule, taking tea alone in the morning may or may not help you. Heavier foods like beans, rice, yam, banku, etc will do for you if your work requires a lot of energy.

Daliha Berry Tea

In the evening, no matter what the case might be, do not burden your digestive system especially after 7:00pm with heavy foods. ‘Heavy foods’ take time to digest and because your body it’s going to rest most of the functions at night, effective digestion will be slowed down. In most cases where heavy meals are eaten late, it can cause stomach reflux and heartburns.

However if you want to drink a tea before bed time because it’s lighter, it should be a tea that will promote good sleep. Studies have shown that caffeine teas before bed time can give sleep problems. Our Daliha Teas are caffeine-free and can be taken before bedtime to promote good sleep and relaxation.

  1. Burning Times

One of the main goals of food is for energy. The human body needs energy for various activities. One key area we need energy for is during exercise. Most people don’t fancy the subject of exercise. But many diseases will not come our dwelling if we carefully incorporate exercise into our routines. Drinking Daliha Slim Tea before exercise increase fat burning ability by releasing enough energy to be burnt during the work out session. Another important factor is our Slim Tea enables the body to endure an intense workout session as it helps in the release of oxygen to cells in the body. Furthermore, our Slim Teas have compounds that suppresses your appetite that can help you eat in moderation. The presence of certain dietary acids in it enhances a boost in metabolism and causes the body to release harmful chemicals as you exercise.

Daliha Slim Tea

Mostly, recovering from a workout after your muscles have been stretch is critical. After a workout session, you can drink our Tea for muscle relaxation and recovery to enable you rise up again for another beautiful session the next day. More so during sleep, the presence of some compounds in our Slim tea still enables moderate fat burns. With a more active lifestyle our Daliha Slim Tea is a perfect addition to your weight loss plan.

5. Optimum Nutrition

Our body never goes to sleep entirely. Even during sleep, some functions are active but at a slow rate. The digestive system is made up of a buildup of different cells. About 70% of the cells immune system is found in the digestive gut.

Since our digestive system is always breaking down food and absorbing nutrients for optimum nutrition, there must be a constant way of ensuring it’s functions optimally. The foods that we eat is capable of enhancing this ability.
Daliha Immunklin Tea supports and promotes immunity and a strong digestive health. You can drink it at anytime of the day.


The perfect time to drink Daliha Teas depends on the purpose, your current needs and your work schedule. If you work from home, sipping Daliha Turkey Berry or Berry Ginger Tea every time is a good one. In the office, you can also brew it as often as you can to supply constant energy. Before and after you hit the gym our Daliha Slim Tea is super. Our Immunklin Tea can be taken anytime of the day to promote a strong immune system.

Just feel free to enjoy all the benefits in our Teas and go for it. Save Your Life. Love The Taste.

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