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We are on a mission to save lives through indigenous organically grown turkey berry-based food products that promotes blood health, strong immune system and healthy nutrition. We employ the youth and work with women smallholder farmers to grow the fruits in our community in the value chain. These smallholder farmers are a critical force in our supply chain as we also train and impact them economically.

OUR Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) GOALS

GOAL 2: We are contributing in achieving global food security and Improved Nutrition.

GOAL 3:  We are contributing in  reduction in maternal mortality and malnutrition

GOAL 8: We are contributing in reduction in unemployment and improving livelihoods

Since our conception in 2018, we have been named as one of the top 100 startups in the world by Startup Istanbul-Turkey. In 2020, We won an African Impact Award by AGRA for contributing to improve the health and nutrition of over 400 pregnant women. In 2021, we won a National Award as the Fast Growing Nutritional Food Brand of the Year by Ghana Agriculture and Agro-Processing Awards. In 2022, we won another national award as the Diversified Agro-processing Company of the year by Ghana Agriculture and Agro-processing Awards. Our award winning organic products are Daliha Turkey Berry and Berry Ginger Teas,  Daliha Immunklin Tea, Daliha Slim Tea, Daliha Berry Cinnamon Tea, Daliha Berry Mint Tea, Daliha micronutrient Powders, Daliha Spices and Daliha Juices mostly in eco-friendly packages.

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I visited the hospital 2 months ago for a review and i had a boost in my immune system. I noticed that drinking your tea every morning really helped. I wish you increase the number of bags.
I enjoy drinking Daliha juices. It helps improve my digestion. I love to add to my kids snack box for school
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