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We are on a mission to save lives through indigenous organically grown turkey berry-based food products that promote blood health, a strong immune system, and healthy nutrition. We also train and empower our smallholder farmers to grow quality plants for tasty foods for you

Daliha Slim Tea


  • Helps Burn fat in adipose tissues
  • Suppress and Control your appetite
  • Increase your metabolic rate.
  • Boost Energy and endurance during exercise
Daliha Turkey Berry Turmeric Tea

energy & Heart health

  • Regulates the contractions of all muscles, including the heart muscles,
  • Maintain fluid balance and blood flow in the body and reduces the effect of sodium
  • Helps protect against oxidative stress and inflammation
Daliha Turkey Berry tea & Ginger tea

Energy & BLood Booster

  • Helps boost blood by stimulating the production of red blood cells
  • Helps boost energy and prevent frequent tiredness and weakness
  • Helps boost brain function, focus, and concentration

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Customers Reviews

My boy of 7yrs old had severe cold. I decided to add Daliha Berry Ginger Tea to his breakfast meals and within 4 days he recovered so well. I believe in this product. Its very good for children too.
Retailer-Faultless Ventures
I usually get some allergies when I drink other teas but when I first tried Daliha Tea I had no allergies. I really enjoyed it.
President of AGRA-Dr. Agnes Kalibatha
I love this product. We need to promote made in Ghana products. I enjoy the Turkey berry ginger tea....
Hon. Alan (Minister of Trade & Industry)
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