Our Social Impact

Achiever Foods is an Impact Driven Company. A percent of our profits is used to run a series of social impact projects to empower and do donations to the youth especially women and girls on nutrition and health, leadership in schools, hospitals etc. in our community.  In 2020 by the leadership of one of our co-founders we won an IMPACT AWARD for helping to improve the nutrition and health of over 400 pregnant women in Ghana.  We contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals

Goal 2 : Achieving food security, zero hunger and reduction in malnutrition and maternal mortality.

Goal 3: Achieving Good health and wellbeing through our food products and services

Goal 8: Achieving decent work and economic growth

What We Do.

We run The Achievers Project to provide free entrepreneurship, nutrition education to the youth, on malnutrition disease prevention like iron deficiency anemia, and other health issues. We also do donations of our Daliha food products and also give internship and mentorship opportunities to senior high students to train and empower them along their chosen career path at the same time giving them industrial experience to study and work in our factory. One of the purposes of this program also is to get them jobs so they are not unemployed after school

Through this interventions we have impacted about 1000 youth including pregnant women’s lives in our community.

Some Projects

Some Of Our Selected Projects In Pics

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