Our Social Impact

Achiever Foods is an Impact Driven Company. A percent of our profits is used to run a series of social impact projects to support persons with iron deficiency anemia, run health educations for the general public to adopt natural healthy food products in Ghana and organize leadership and entrepreneurship development programs in schools in our community to raise responsible leaders and entrepreneurs.

Since our conception we have impacted the lives of over 2000 youth through some of our initiatives like the Achieving consult and the Achievers project. In 2020, by the leadership of one of our co-founders we won an IMPACT AWARD for helping to improve the nutrition and health of over 400 pregnant women in Ghana.  We contribute towards the UN Sustainable Development Goals

MAIN Goal 2 : Achieving food security, zero hunger and reduction in malnutrition and maternal mortality.


Goal 3: Achieving Good health and wellbeing through our food products and services

Goal 8: Achieving decent work and economic growth

Some Impact Activities

The Achievers Project and The Achieving Show are some of our impact activities we run periodically.

Through these interventions we have impacted over 2000 youth including pregnant women’s lives in our community

Gallery of Our Impact Projects

The Achieving Show Project

This educative show was undertaken in partnership with the University of Ghana's School of Physical and Mathematical Sciences under the theme "Empowering the NexGen Entrepreneurs"

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