Daliha Turkey Berry Cinnamon Powder(Organic)


(1) Helps improve insulin sensitivity properties to breakdown glucose at a steady rate
(2) Helps maintain blood sugar balance
(3) Helps control blood sugar spikes
4. Helps Boost Energy


Daliha Berry Cinnamon Powder is an award-winning product processed from a variety of carefully selected organic herbs that are hygienically produced and packaged to help maintain a balance in your blood sugar levels

1. Organic
2. Vegan
3. Gluten and Caffeine free
4. Quality taste and aroma
5. Rich in Iron, Vitamins, and Antioxidants

NB* This product is also good for Diabetic persons(type 2) to help in their recovery.

How To Use
Add to Cereals, Yoghurt, Koko


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