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Growing up, we all at some point battled with some form of cold which made us feel very restless and uncomfortable. Some forms of cold do naturally go away without paying any particular attention to them. However, other forms of cold can be very challenging and will need some extra attention given to them.

Here are some remedies that can help ease the common cold to get you feeling healthy and excited.


Many people do not realize their body needs rest to recover from a common cold. The body needs rest to heal. Sleep is able to kick your immune system’s ability to respond to infections. A type of protein called cytokines targeted at infections is activated in your immune system during sleep.

In order to enhance your sleep and reduce stress, you can buy Daliha Berry Mint. This caffeine-free Tea really helps to reduce the negative impact of stress hormones thereby improving your rest and relaxation. This goes a long way to help fight common cold infections.



Gargling with warm salt water can help in relieving a sore throat. About 8 ounces of warm water mixed with a quarter to half teaspoon of salt can really be of some help. But also note that salty foods can also cause dehydration and make a cold worse hence salt must be used in moderation.

In addition, it may be more helpful for adults to gargle with warm salt water than children. Therefore, sore throat sprays can be used for children under 6 years in this regard.

Lozenges or hard candies is usually not ideal for children with sore throat issues since it can possibly choke them.


When the immune system is fortified it enables the body to fight viral infections. Eating the right food can go a long way to boosting the immune system and help the body fight colds. Foods like fish; contains omega 3 fatty acids that can be helpful. Leafy greens are very rich in vitamins that also help to boost the immune system.

Turkey berries, oats, Lean meat, Fennel do have good immunity fighting abilities. Garlic can also help overcome cold, Caffeine free Teas like Daliha Immunklin Tea, Daliha Berry fennel Tea are very rich in antioxidants to help boost immunity


Frequent drinking of water can really help to loosen congestion and prevent dehydration. Other liquids like Juices, warm lemon water with honey also helps loosen congestion. But one thing must be watchful, drinking alcohol, caffeinated and sugary drinks like sodas, coffee when battling with cold can make dehydration worse,

Studies have shown that alcohol drinking can weaken the immune system, hence should avoided if you want to recover from your cold quickly.

Sipping warm liquids like chicken soup, and decaffeinated Teas like Daliha Immunklin Tea or Daliha Berry Ginger Tea can help in increase mucus flow and ease congestion.

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Symptoms that come with common cold can be brought under control with OTC decongestants, antihistamines and pain relievers. But these medications may not prevent a cold from coming again and some may also induce certain side effects. Therefore, they should be taken in moderate quantities under medical direction.

Experts have shown that children under 5 should not be given such medications as they can cause serious damage. Antibiotics should not be used when treating colds as they are meant for bacterial infections not viral infections. Always seek your Doctors advice when taking any cold medication


Air Humidifier

Dry air can really make a sore throat worse. Warm air holds more moisture than cold air. When your nostrils are dried it makes you prone to microorganisms like viruses especially if your immune system is already compromised due to an illness.

Truth is, sore throats really do get worse when the air is dried hence it is good to try using a humidifier. Better still heat water in a container and allow the vapor to moisturize or humidify the room. Another way to keep the air in your room humid is to install a humidifier in your air condition.

Studies have shown that air conditions have a drying effect on your indoor air which can create respiratory issues. One way to reduce the dryness in your home air is to run the air condition less frequently by using a programmable thermostat.

Another way is to hire a home cooling professional to help maintain the humidity of the air or you install a whole house humidifier in your Air Condition

hygrometer gauge


When dealing with a cold, it is advisable to avoid smoking. Smoking has shown to irritate the throat, lungs and nose. Even second smoking must be avoided as much as possible.

Studies have shown that smokers are more prone to colds than non-smokers because it disrupts the immune system and affects the respiratory tract


You can overcome that cold, just stay committed. Dealing with a cold can be very challenging, but with an extra effort in following the remedies above you will be restored and become more excited.  

Your cold should go away if you follow these remedies through, however, if your cold lasts for more than 2 weeks, consult your Doctor for further tests as this may be a sign of other underlying issues.


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