4 Awards in 4 Years

In October 2018 we got selected out of about 150,000 applicants across the globe to pitch our business in Turkey Istanbul as the only company from Ghana. We were awarded one of the Top 100 Startups in The World.
In 2019, we got selected as one of the Most Promising Startups in Ghana to participate in an Orange Corners Accelerator Program under sponsorship by the Embassy of the Netherlands and MDF West Africa.

In 2020, we won an African Impact Award by Generation Africa (AGRA) during their Gogettaz Competition for contributing to the health of 400 pregnant women in Ghana. We dedicate this award to all the pregnant women who benefit from using our products daily to promote their health and that of their babies. 

In 2021, we have won a National Award as the Fast Growing Nutritional Food Brand of the Year by Ghana Agriculture and Agro-Processing Awards. 

In 2022, we won another National Award as the Diversified Agro-Processing Company of the Year by the Ghana Agriculture and Agro-Processing Awards

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