Achiever Foods Limited Donated Daliha Foods to Support Doctors in Business Foundation During a Medical Outreach at the Dome Market in Accra.

In a profound display of social corporate responsibility and unwavering dedication to promoting healthy living through organic food solutions, Achiever Foods Limited recently sponsored a noteworthy medical outreach program for women at Dome market in Accra. The initiative, orchestrated in collaboration with the esteemed “Doctors in Business Foundation,” took place on the bright Saturday of December 2, 2023.

Demonstrating a steadfast commitment to community well-being, Achiever Foods generously contributed 6 cartons of Daliha Turkey Berry Juice to support the medical outreach program. This thoughtful sponsorship not only enhanced the event but also echoed the company’s resolute mission to foster health and vitality through the use of natural, organic products.

Achiever Foods is an agribusiness that engages over 60 women smallholder farmers to cultivate their unique raw materials for processing into organic foods. Since its establishment in 2018, the company has won 4 prestigious global awards for the impact its brand DALIHA Foods is making globally. 

Amidst the resonating hum of the marketplace, Mr. Kelvin Ashford and Mr. Godsway Dzorgbenu from the Achiever Foods team seized the opportunity to enlighten participants on the varied health benefits of Turkey Berry. Complementing this educational endeavor, the team also showcased the diverse array of products innovatively developed by the company, harnessing the wholesome essence of Turkey Berry in its organic offerings.

The heartfelt distribution of the nourishing Daliha Turkey Berry Juice to the participants of the medical outreach program epitomized Achiever Foods’ dedication to enhancing community well-being through the provision of organic food solutions. This act of generosity unequivocally reflects the company’s ethos of contributing to the overall health and nourishment of the community. 

By championing such initiatives, Achiever Foods Limited continues to exemplify its pledge to fostering healthy lifestyles and promoting vitality through the power of organic, wholesome sustenance. Through its support of the medical outreach program, the company has undeniably demonstrated its role as a steward of well-being within the community, embracing the tenets of social corporate responsibility with resounding impact.

The sponsorship and active participation in the medical outreach program not only underscore the company’s dedication to uplifting community health but also lay the foundation for enduring partnerships and opportunities to enrich lives through organic food solutions.

As Achiever Foods Limited persists in its mission to elevate the collective well-being of society, its sponsorship of the medical outreach program stands as a testament to its unwavering commitment to empowering health and wellness through organic food solutions.

The company has 11 different Tea lines, 5 Powders, 1 Spread and 2 Juices that are sold in Supermarkets, Pharmacy Stores, Health Shops, Hospitals, and Grocery Stores in Ghana, USA and UK. You can equally buy online on 

Inscribe the future with vibrant health, powered by Achiever Foods Limited. Thank you for reading.

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