At the Achimota Hospital, in Accra-Ghana


About 150 pregnant women and some nursing mothers at Achimota Hospital in Accra received free Daliha Foods to help boost their iron nutrition. This move forms part of The Achievers Project (TAP) organized yearly to give back to society.

Any time you purchase Daliha Foods, 0.1% of the profit is used to fund TAP. At Achiever Foods Ltd, we believe everyone should achieve health in an organic way.

A report by UNICEF and WHO indicates that a newborn or pregnant woman dies every 11 seconds mostly from preventable causes.

Poor nutrition is one of the causes of these deaths worldwide.

How do we ensure that a pregnant woman and newborn’s life is saved from death?

One way is to keep educating pregnant women on best nutrition practices and give them what it takes to get them to be nutritionally fit before, during their pregnancy and after delivery.

Our #pregnant women need certain key nutrients like #iron and #vitamins to improve their blood levels before, during pregnancy and after delivery.

Improving #Nutrition especially of pregnant women and babies is a must. We need to save the next generation. Prevention is always better.

Daliha is Still Impacting and Saving lives. Join the life saving organic movement

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Our WhatsApp lines are +1 571 343 9679 or +233 201 341 203. We hope to read your comments as you read. Cheers!


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